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Augusta Minor Softball - Rules & Regulations
Augusta Minor Softball Rules and Regulations

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Bantam Girls

•   A regulation game shall be 7 innings or 2 hours whichever comes first. Any inning started must be completed regardless of time limit unless the team up to bat last is winning in the final inning

•   An inning is described as 3 outs or 7 runs per inning with unlimited runs in the 7th inning ONLY.

•   In case of darkness or rain, 5 innings or a 10 run lead will constitute a complete game

•   "Infield Fly Rule" is in effect

•   Lead off as soon as ball leaves the pitcher's hand

•   8' circle rule is in effect

•   Diamond Bases - 60'
Ball - 12"
Pitcher - 39'(New rule in 2016 reduced from 40') - balls can be white or optic, Bantam and Midgets will use COR =.47, compression =375.

•   Age - Under 17 as of Jan 1
ie. born in 1999 or later to play in the 2016 season
Note: this age is for Augusta Softball only and does not reflect the age requirement for provincial play.

•   A minimum of 1 carded Umpire must be supplied by the Home Team in order to play any game

•   Both Coaches must email Scores to they must be submitted within 48 hours of the game date by both teams. Rainouts must be communicated within 48 hours of the game date also. Failure to do this& results in 0-¬0 score final and both teams get zero pts.

Scores are sent in with Game#, Division, score both teams (Changed in 2015)

•   Both teams are responsible for keeping completed score sheets on hand until the end of the season

•   Year-end Playoffs or Tournament will be decided at spring meeting.
Mid Season to be a tournament style

•   New Rule for 2016 - Hit by Pitch rule -if you hit three batters who have been given first base by the umpire you are to be removed from pitching that inning.

Last Updated: April 23, 2013