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Augusta Minor Softball - Rules & Regulations
Augusta Minor Softball Rules and Regulations

Disciplinary Penalties and Procedures


General Rules

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Protests and Appeals
Protests and Appeals

•   Only rule interpretation will be considered a valid reason for protest. What an umpire would consider a judgment call would not be considered for protest.

•   Proper protest procedures as per C.A.S.A. must be followed

•   After the game in question, the protest must be written including all pertinent information

•   The written protest must be presented to the area representative within 24 hours of the game

•   The protest is to be forwarded to the Rules and Discipline Chair along with a cheque for $25.00 payable to Augusta Minor Softball. This cheque will be returned if the protest is upheld. The Rules and Discipline Chair must be notified of the protest within 48 hrs.

•   If the Rules and Discipline Chair cannot settle the dispute, a hearing will be set up with the Rules and Discipline Committee on his recommendation, as quickly as possible. A decision will be made as quickly as possible and will be final

•   Any person has the right to appeal any disciplinary decision of the Executive. The appeal must be made within 24 hours and must be accompanied by a non-refundable cheque in the amount of $50.00 made out to Augusta Minor Softball. Appeals are to be made in writing and submitted to the Rules and Discipline Chair

•   In the case of an appeal the committee reserves the right to increase or decrease the suspension as they deem proper

•   Any suspension handed out must be served consecutively. In the case of an appeal the player or Coach may continue to play until the hearing is held unless the suspension is a result of violence

•   In the case of playoff tournaments, any executive attending the tournament will have the right to rule for the committee

Last Updated: April 23, 2013