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Augusta Minor Softball - Rules & Regulations
Augusta Minor Softball Rules and Regulations

Disciplinary Penalties and Procedures


General Rules

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Protests and Appeals

•   A. The Township Recreation area and invited guest must:

· Appoint a Softball Representative

· Hold public registration

· Not solicit players from other areas

· Ensure all players receive equal playing time

· Be responsible for the conduct of all players and Coaches within their organization

· Ensure that all Coaches and Umpires in their recreation be aware of the rules of Augusta, Ontario and Canadian Minor Softball

•   B. Softball Representatives of each area must:

· Attend Augusta Minor Softball meetings. In the case of a representative being unable to attend a scheduled meeting it is his/her responsibility to ensure someone attends on his/her behalf. Attendance at Augusta Minor Softball meetings is mandatory

· Have team lists completed, submitted to league via email to and a copy kept by coach for reference purposes if required.

· Submit proof of Insurance to before start of season. Teams that do not submit proof of insurance will not be allowed to play scheduled games and all games will be forfeited until Insurance coverage is proven.

· Receive all protest cheques from Coaches and present them to the Rules and Discipline Chair

•   C. Coaches must:

· must email Scores to they must be submitted within 48 hours of the game date by both teams. Rainouts must be communicated within 48 hours of the game date also. Failure to do this& results in 0-¬0 score final and both teams get zero pts.

Scores are sent in with Game#, Division, score both teams (Changed in 2015)
. In either case the following information must be provided:


Game Number


In addition, all score sheets must be kept by the Representatives until the end of the season and provided to the Statistician if requested.

· Inform the Rules and Discipline Chairman of any team official or player ejected from a game. Also, arrangements must be made to hand over the score sheet detailing the suspension to the Rules and Discipline Chairman within 24 hours. Failure to report these ejections could result in suspensions being assessed by the Executive

· Notify of any use of an affiliate within 24 hours of the game being played. Failure will result in the suspension of the player for 1 game to be served on their regular team.

- Notify the Scheduler of any rained out / cancelled game. If the two teams involved cannot mutually agree on a date, the Scheduler will reschedule these games

Note: all postponed games must be rescheduled within 2 weeks

If the Scheduler is required to set date for a postponed game, his/her decision is final!! If, after a reasonable effort to reschedule a game, a team refuses to play the game, that game will be considered a forfeit and points will be awarded to the opposing team

· Ensure all players receive equal playing time

•   D. Rules and Discipline Chair must:

· Receive all protests from area representatives

· Investigate any complaint of misconduct in the league

· Report their findings to the Executive along with his/her recommendations

· Be available to attend tournaments and problem games

· Have a thorough and complete understanding of Softball Canada, Softball Ontario and Augusta Softball rules

•   E. Softball Executive must:
- Set up all schedules.
- Deal with all protest and appeals through the Rules and Discipline Chairman. If necessary, the Executive will call a meeting to deal with any protest or appeal within 36 hours of notification
- Arrange for a mid-season tournament for each division
- Schedule all end of season tournaments and playoffs. The time and location of all yearend games will be set at an open meeting early in the season.
- Assist with the use of the computer program for the scheduling of all tournaments
- Reschedule all cancelled games if the teams do not do so.
- Provide a website which is to include but not be limited to: schedules by division, team scores and standings, yearend tournament layouts, contact lists, etc

Chair is responsible to:
- Plan meetings and chair meetings
- set meeting agenda
- receive and approve tournament formats/fees
- primary contact with softball Ontario
- circulate emails from softball Ontario

Secretary is responsible to :
- compose minutes
- circulate minutes
- manage contacts for recreations/teams
- book meeting facility
- circulate agenda

Rules and Discipline is responsible to:
- respond to rule questions
- ensure rules on site are accurate
- deal with complaints about umpiring
- manage umpires listing
- make rulings on rainouts/ forfeits
- interact with Umpire in Chief

Scorekeeper / Statistician is responsible to:
- update website as required (post information)
- receive team submissions and ensure balance of home nights
- create schedule
- circulate schedule
- modify schedule
- record game results
- post playoff/tournament schedules
- keep website running - dealing with ripnet

Last Updated: April 23, 2013