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Augusta Minor Softball - Rules & Regulations
Augusta Minor Softball Rules and Regulations

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General Rules

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General Rules

•   All safety rules as per C.A.S.A and must be followed. Note: all batting helmets must have chin straps that are fastened
Jewelry can be worn as long as it is not a distraction to opposing players, this is up to the Umpire discretion on whether it is to be removed or covered up

•   Games must be played when scheduled except for games affected by weather, school trips / events and holiday weekends. Coaches may agree to postpone games for other reasons, but the team requesting the postponement will face a forfeit if the game remains un-played at the end of regular season.

All players will be included in the batting order

•   There will be unlimited substitutions in all leagues. The defensive conference rule is in effect and a pitcher is removed after 3 defensive conferences per game and Peewee and below 5 per game

•   Players must register in their own age classification but may try out for an older age group at the discretion of the local Recreation. To play up a level, the player must be deemed skilled enough and a signed parental release must be provided to the Association Representative and the Augusta Minor Softball Executive. Playing down will not be accepted unless permission is granted at an Executive meeting

•   In the case of affiliates; Teams may call up players from a classification no more than 2 below the level they are playing (a release is required). These players may come from any recreation that is in the league. The coach/player must notify the players normal coach of playing up, as well as report the affiliation of the player to within 24 hours. Failure to report the affiliation game could result in a 1 game suspension to the player. A player may play up inside their organization for unlimited amount of games,(North Augusta to North Augusta) they are only allowed to play up a total of 8 games to teams outside their organization. (ie Spencerville to North Augusta).(updated May 2015) A player may affiliate to multiple teams in a higher division.

•   A player who plays up 9 games(outside his/her organization) will face a one game suspension on their regular team and will continue to play the remainder of the season on their regular team. Midseason tournament games do not count against affiliation games as the tournament is an invitational tournament.

•   A player must play at least 30% of the league games to be eligible for the playoffs. A player can play these games at any level. This rule is waived for squirts and under age groups

•   "Infield Fly Rule" is in effect for all leagues except mite and below

•   There is a time limit in effect for all games except Bantam and Midget divisions, both of which have a 2-hour time limit. This time limit starts when the first pitch is thrown and will not be extended regardless of delays. Games are scheduled to start at 6:15 p.m. and 8:15 p.m. An umpire can grant a 15 minute grace if necessary for a team to field 7 players or to avoid cancellation due to weather. Any inning started must be completed unless the team batting is in the lead after the completion of the first half of the final inning

•   No inning of a 6:15 p.m. game will start after 8:00 p.m.

•   In the case of Peewee, Bantam and Midget levels, the Home Team must supply at least one carded Softball Ontario Umpire with an effort to have two umpires. All Umpires must be familiar with the Augusta Minor Softball, Softball Ontario and Canada Softball Rules. Level 1 umpires must be in an age grouping at least one higher than the game they are umpiring. Any individual with a Level II Softball Ontario Umpires Certificate can umpire any game played within the league. If a carded umpire is not available, the game will only be played if both coaches agree to the Softball Ontario registered or local fastball umpire that is available. If both coaches do not agree, then the home team will forfeit the game.Updated April 2011.

•   The home team must supply two acceptable game balls
Acceptable balls can be white or optic, COR <=.47, compression <=375. Bantam and Midget Divisions will be .47 Cor and 375 Compression (updated spring of 2011)

•   A minimum of seven players is required to start a game. Players can be added to the bottom of the line up at any point during the game. There is no penalty for playing with less than nine players

•   If a player is injured and cannot take his/her turn at bat, the team has no choice but to accept an out and leave that player in the order or to take the player off the order for the balance of the game. Once a player has been removed from the batting order he/she can not reenter the game

•   A player will be allowed to play for only one team at one level. Once a player is committed to a team and the team list has been submitted to the Executive, a player cannot move to another recreation

•   Shorts can be worn by all Girls teams and boys teams at the squirts or below level. If a girl is playing peewee or above on a boys team, she will be required to wear long pants.

•   All pitching rubbers and bases must be properly secured

•   Tournament fees are to reimburse the Association for umpire fees, balls and lime only

•   Tournaments are to be held on weekends only unless it is impossible due to the number of teams within the division

•   Tournament entry fees must be approved by the Executive 3 weeks before the tournament date

•   Individual recognition (medal or trophy) will be given to every participant in the year end tournament in the T-Ball, Mite, Mosquito and Squirt divisions

•   Team recognition will be given to teams in the Peewee, Bantam and Midget teams at the year end tournament

•   No drinking of alcohol is permitted on ballpark property at any time. This includes players, coaches and fans. Coaches are reponsible to remove the player from the game if drinking is suspected. Coaches may be punished for allowing players to play while the player is under the influence of alcohol.

•   All players must remain on the bench, or at least in the dugout, during play

•   Absolutely no foul language by officials, players, and/or spectators will be tolerated. This rule will be strictly enforced by the Rules and Discipline Chair

•   No smoking is permitted in the dugout

•   Pitching for all leagues will be in accordance with the C.A.S.A rules for Minor Softball

•   Umpires will have complete control of the ball during a game and can have anyone removed from the game, including spectators for reasonable cause

•   Umpires MUST sign the Home Team's score sheet and validate that both teams have recorded and will be submitting the same score.

•   C.A.S.A. mercy rule is in effect for all divisions above and including Peewee. The rule is a lead of 15 runs after 5 innings or 10 after 6 constitutes a win.

•   A player ejected for fighting will be ejected for the entire season.

•   No game in Augusta Township will be permitted to start after 9:00 p.m. This includes regular season and tournament play

•   Any shirts worn as part of a uniform must conform with C.S.A. rules

•   Any player can come into play at anytime during the game. They must go to the bottom of the batting order. If a player is injured, they can be removed from the game without an out. However, if the player wants to stay in the game and is not ready to go up for their next at bat an out is issued.

•   Pitching Rule  Points of Emphasis  Augusta Minor Ball

In all female categories, and in all male categories up to and including Peewee(bantam and midget are excluded -changed in 2015), the pivot foot must remain in contact with, or push off and drag away, prior to the stepping (non-pivot) foot touching the ground.

The portion of the rule allowing the drag, leap, or hop and then throw affects ONLY the male Bantam(changed in 2015) and Midget category in Augusta Minor Ball.

When taking the signal with the hands separated, the pitcher must start with two (2) feet touching the pitching plate and within the the 61 cm. (24 ) length of it.

The pivot foot must remain motionless while the hands are together during the pause and until the pitch starts. It may not be lifted up, moved sideways or dragged backward.

After the start of the pitch, any motion of the pivot foot must be forward or sideways while in contact with the plate.

The pivot foot must push off from the pitching plate.

•   Steel Cleats are not allowed in Augusta Minor Softball in any division

•   Overage rule once player is approved at league meeting , player not allowed to Pitch or Catch but allowed to play corners 3rd and 1st.

Last Updated: April 23, 2013