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Augusta Minor Softball - Rules & Regulations
Augusta Minor Softball Rules and Regulations

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General Rules

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•   A regulation game shall be 3 innings or 1 hours 15 mins whichever comes first.

•   So an inning would consist of each teams full batting lineup.Everyone bats.
On out is an out the player leaves the field but the whole batting lineup is gone though. The batting order is only to keep the batters organized. No score is kept.
(Changed in 2015)This is directly in line with softball Canada recommendations.

•   No lead off

•   No stealing of bases.

•   The Coach of the team at bat pitches to his/her own players (a pitching machine is allowed) but the coach does not field a ball hit fairly. The ball should be thrown back to the player designated as the pitcher

•   The Pitcher is not allowed to play ahead of the Coach and must remain on the mound until the ball crosses home plate

•   Each batter will receive seven pitches to attempt to hit the ball. If the batter should foul off the seventh or any subsequent pitch he/she shall receive another pitch

•   "Infield Fly Rule" is not in effect

•   8' circle rule is not in effect

•   A run can only be scored by a ball put into play by the batter (i.e. a caught foul ball or a fair hit ball) or a runner being forced home by a walk

•   The ball remains in play until it comes under control of an infielder standing in the infield. Once the ball is in the hand of an infielder, the runners are not to advance extra bases, (beyond the single base they need to advance)- whether it be an infield play or a throw in from an outfielder to an infielder

•   In case of darkness or rain, 3 innings will constitute a complete game

•   Diamond Bases - 45'
Ball - 11" - balls can be white or optic, COR <=47, compression <=375.
Pitcher - 28' (distance can be adjusted to player's capabilities)

•   Age 7 and under as of Jan 1

•   No standings or scores are kept

•   Year end to be a tournament
No Mid Season tournament

Last Updated: April 23, 2013